Welcome to a new chapter of the fun game with the evil school teacher. The teacher was too sinister and constantly insulted, threatened, beat, tortured the children, using various methods for this. And now it’s your turn to take revenge and scare her. Do everything so that the teacher gets what she deserves and experiences the worst emotions. Enjoy revenge! This game is ideal for players who love new adventures and challenges, regardless of age, of course, except for the little ones. You will have to experiment and turn on your imagination in order to take revenge in full.

What are waiting for you in this chapter?

You are an ordinary schoolgirl who has an angry and nasty teacher who loves to bully her students and not only. The teacher often used different force in relation to the children. You have a wonderful chance to teach her a lesson and avenge everything that you and other students had to endure. Come up with your perfect revenge plan for the evil teacher and take revenge on her for all situations. Find out all the teacher’s fears and use it against her. Try to find out all the secrets of your evil teacher.
You can do anything to get revenge and to make your teacher remember this day for the rest of her life. Try not to catch the eye of the teacher. In addition, you have to solve tasks and puzzles. Try to take revenge on your classmates to the fullest. Place all possible traps using various available items. Put a knife on her couch, add hot sauce or some kind of pill to her food or drink. You can even try to burn down her house. Explore every room, complete levels and save yourself from the evil teacher. Give her an unforgettable lesson so that she will remember this day for the rest of her life.

Scary Teacher 3D Chapter 3

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