You are waiting for an updated version of everyone’s favorite game about the evil teacher Miss T, who needs to avenge everything she did to schoolchildren. The teacher constantly uses threats, insults and various types of violence against children during the educational process for no reason. This new part will open up many new secrets for you. You have to learn new secrets of your evil teacher and neighbor. Come up with the perfect new revenge for the evil teacher and scare her almost to death. Enjoy the way she suffers!

Game Features

This game is suitable for players who love adventure, challenge and express their creativity, regardless of age. The game has very interesting plot twists. The gameplay will be sometimes difficult, but very exciting. You have the opportunity to experiment and let your imagination run wild. Thanks to simple controls, everyone will be able to understand the game and it will not take much time to start, because everything is very simple. You will find many unique levels to be revealed in the gameplay.

What awaits you in this play?

You are an ordinary schoolgirl who has an evil teacher Miss T. She loves to bully children during lessons. Teacher Miss T constantly uses various types of violence, both moral and physical in relation to children. Teach a lesson and avenge everything you and the other students have endured. Miss T has her fears, get to know them all. Make her remember your revenge for the rest of her life. In her huge house, puzzles of varying difficulty await you in each room that you have to solve. In this house you will find many unsolved mysteries. Try to find out all the secrets of your teacher. You can do whatever you want in Miss T’s house to finally get your revenge on her.

Remember that the teacher is also in the house, so try not to catch her eye, otherwise terrible things can happen. Save the poor animals that she also locked up in the house and were also mistreated. Try to take revenge on Miss T for all your classmates to the fullest using her main fears. Place as many traps as possible in her house. For example, put broken glass on a chair, add hot sauce, or put a pill in your food. Teach her an unforgettable lesson so that Miss T will remember this day for the rest of her life. Unleash your creativity for revenge!

Scary Teacher 2

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