An incredible continuation of the famous FNAF horror awaits you. This time you will have to run away from the scary animatronics alone in the huge mall Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex. Test all your abilities to survive in this territory. Try to survive until morning so you don’t get caught. Use everything that is available in the room to fight dangerous enemies who want to destroy you. This game is really for brave gamers.

What’s in store for you this time?

Gregory ended up locked in a three-story mall for the night. All the animatronic guards began to hunt for him because Vanessa ordered them. Their goal is to check the territory in order to catch you. You need to run, hide and if you have to even fight to survive until the morning. Try not to get caught in the eyes of anyone and not to contact with anyone. Think of a detailed plan for the night. Use all possible ways to deceive and outwit your enemies. Try setting traps to divert attention. Take control of everything with surveillance cameras. Explore every corner of the building to use for your own purposes. Start your unforgettable horror adventure right now. Good luck and try to survive until the morning!


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