Welcome to the sequel to the famous horror FNAF. This time, you will have to defend yourself against the evil animatronics in the mall Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex alone. Use all your skills to survive. The main thing you need is to survive until the morning. Utilize all possible ways to overcome dangerous opponents who want to destroy you. This game is not for the weak, only the bravest will be able to complete it and survive.

What’s in store for you this time?

You, in the role of a little boy Gregory, are locked in a mall for the whole night. All the animatronics have started hunting for you. Vanessa, the night watchman, orders everyone to search the premises to catch you. You need to defend yourself to survive until the morning. Try to avoid all those who follow you. Run, hide and slip away. Your main goal is to survive and escape after the opening. Use all possible ways to hide from the hunters. Try setting traps to divert attention.

In addition, there is a video surveillance camera in the room, so try to take control of them all, this will greatly help you in your rescue. Explore the room and every corner of it to use for your own purposes. If you survive until morning, you will have a choice in further actions, decide for yourself. After all, you are waiting for different endings of this story. Start your incredible horror adventure right now and spend an unforgettable time in the gameplay. Good luck!

FNAF Security Breach

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