This is an exciting online puzzle game. The play composes horror and puzzle types. You are waiting for scary journey with creatures in the famous abandoned toy factory. The huge monster Huggy Wuggy residing in the factory, which is the famous talisman of this place. Try to survive on the same territory as the monster.

What are expecting for you in the play?

You ended up in an abandoned factory where you worked and all your colleagues disappeared from it. You must survive in a deserted toy enterprise, where an evil creatures lives, which detest visitors, so immediately hunt for them. Try to discover all the mysteries of this manufacture and discover the disappearance of your colleagues. Try to leave this building alive. Complete difference assignments on the way to the cherished freedom. Huggy Wuggy produces for you many barriers that you must bridge in order to survive. Utilize your knowledge and logic to escape.

The nightmare monster will chase you all the time. As soon as you see huge monster, immediately escape or take cover so that he does not catch you. But this blue creature is aware well, because this is his home. Start your exciting horror adventure right now! Just start gaming and test your skills.

Poppy Playtime

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