This is the second chapter of the popular game about an evil teacher who bullies all his students as he can. In this game, naughty students came to take revenge on their school principal and teacher who bully their students all the time. They tease, insult, humiliate and sometimes even beat them. You have a great opportunity to take revenge on them for everything. Come up with various ways of revenge and make fun of the teachers as soon as you can, because they brought so much trouble to the life of every student. Scare her and avenge everyone, because you have a unique opportunity!

What awaits you in this second chapter?

And so, you are an ordinary student who loves school and study, but there is a problem that haunts everyone in this school. This is a vicious and very strict teacher whose name is Miss Ella and the director who mock all their students, they spare no one. They exhibit all kinds of violence, both moral and physical. For example, they like to insult and even beat children during the educational process. Finally, it’s time for the long-awaited revenge! In the new chapter, you have to scare and take revenge on a teacher named Miss Ella for all the students whom she humiliated. You caught her right at the hotel.

Find out all her fears and use them against her. Think over the plan of your revenge in detail so that she will remember it for the rest of her life. Plan all your scary missions so you don’t forget anything. Use all the facilities in the hotel to bring your incredible plan of revenge to life. For example, you can put broken glass in her bed or put something in her food. Make her life a real hell. Punish your teacher to the fullest. Show your creativity and creativity. You are waiting for a lot more unique levels that you will have to go through. In this part, new improvements and animations have been added, which makes the game even more exciting and realistic. Start the game and enjoy!

Scary Teacher 3D Chapter 2

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