You are in a frightening horror with an unusual child. You work as a nanny and came to a new house with a baby, but for some reason everything is not the way you are used to. Your working time has turned into a real horror from nightmares. Try your skills in this difficult together and try to take full control of the situation.

What to expect from this game?

You are in the role of a nanny who loves her job and spending time with children, you have come to a new house with a new baby. This time, for some reason, everything is very different from what you are used to, you do not understand what is happening and how you will cope with it. The kid at any moment can turn into a real monster and start hunting for you. You will have many tasks and unanswered questions. You have to reveal all the secrets of this house and find out what is wrong with the baby. Explore the area and pass the test. You will have a lot of housework. Complete missions to learn more about the strange behavior of the child. No matter what, you must feed, care for and bathe the baby.

Remember that at any moment the child can turn into a real monster with frightening eyes and start chasing you and trying to lure you into a trap. But try to keep doing your job as if nothing is happening, it will be very difficult. Be careful and don’t let them take you by surprise, because no one knows what awaits you even after a few seconds. Try to survive until the end of the work shift, being in the same house with an unusual child. Do everything in your power to cope with the tasks, survive and learn about the mysterious behavior of the child. Try to stay alive after a hard day at work. Start your horror trials right now and experience all sorts of emotions. Good luck!

Baby in Yellow

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