Welcome to the continuation of the popular horror story from the FNAF collection. This time, you’ll have to run from the new evil animatronics in the large mall Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex, although nothing interesting happens here during the day. Test your abilities to survive in this building. Your task is to survive until the morning so that the animatronics do not grab you. Use everything you can see, you will need everything to fight the enemies who want to catch and destroy you. This game is suitable for brave gamers who are fans of the FNAF world.

What awaits you in this sequel?

You ended up at night in a shopping center from which you will not be able to get out until the morning. And so the animatronics, on orders, began to hunt for you, because Vanessa ordered them. They will check every corner in the building. Try not to catch their eye, because after such a meeting it is very difficult to survive. Run, hide and elude the monsters. You have to think carefully about the plan to survive until the morning. Try to deceive and outwit the monsters. Try setting traps to divert attention. Take control of the security cameras and screens to keep an eye on the building at night. Watch every movement on the screen so you don’t run into the animatronics. Explore the building to use it for your own purposes. Start your horror adventure right now. Good luck and try to survive surrounded by monsters!


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