This is the fourth part of the popular horror play with puzzles. Everything also happens in a deserted toy manufactory, where monsters now live who hunt for visitors. Continue your adventure in this building with the previously cute toys. You should meet with a big creature whose calls as Huggy Wuggy. He has long arms and legs. There is a great opportunity to overcome your fears in this building. Find out all the mysteries that are in a deserted fabric.

What can you expect in this chapter 4?

You are waiting for new crazy and frightening adventures in a deserted toy fabric where you used to work. Try to stay alive in the territory of sinister toys and escape from this place using all available objects. Try not to fall into the hands of evil toys. On your way to your coveted freedom, there will be many obstacles that you must overcome in order to flee. Run, elude, hide and try to outwit. Huggy Wuggy has missions for you that are the key to freedom. Correct answers are the surest path to run away from this fabric. Start your unforgettable journey through the factory right now. Good luck and try to escape from this horror!

Poppy Playtime Chapter 4

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