This is the third series of the horror game with puzzle elements in which you must stay alive in a deserted children’s manufacture, which is now full of scary monster toys. These evil creatures do not like visitors and will immediately start chasing them in order to catch or possibly even kill them. You have to face a monster named Huggy Wuggy. Use the available methods and objects to survive and get out of this factory. Don’t let the monsters drag you away. You have to reveal all the secrets of an abandoned workshop.

What can you expect in this chapter 3?

You are lost in an abandoned toy factory and are trying to find your way out. In addition to you, there is a monster in the factory named Huggy Wuggy who has been living here for a very long time. He is a huge monster with long arms and legs. Try to escape from this factory without falling into the hands of Huggy Wuggy. Use all the objects and tools that are in the factory, they will definitely help you. If you hear any sound, run, hide. The monster knows the factory very well, because he has been living here for a long time. On your way there will be many tasks that Huggy Wuggy has prepared for you. You have to solve difficult puzzles and complete tasks to win. Everything you need you can find right at the factory. Start your unforgettable adventure. Good luck and try to survive!

Poppy Playtime Chapter 3

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